Monday, 2 November 2015

Sky ping Rerewhakaaitu School.

Sky ping Rerewhakaaitu School.

I am so excited to Skype Rerewhakaaitu school because their so kind and respectful and polite and  kind too. When we Skype other people from different schools or countries we tell them our names and the things we like to do and the places we'd like to go when we grow up and the things we like to be and also our favourite songs and movies.

The fun thing about Sky ping  different schools and countries is that we get to make new friends and we get to say hi and it's just so awesome and fun because there's kind people out there who needs some friends or just one best friend but we always find sky ping fun  to do.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Hello my names kyara. Im 8 years old. Im a year 4 student. My favourite food is hamburgers.

Once you’ve start eating it there’s no going back. Also my favourite fruit is peaches.

When you’ve taken one juicy bite you’ll be like o.m.g ‘’mum can we please have a peach ‘’tree.

From  Kyara.